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Young and old. Family and friends. Complete strangers and seekers of curiosity and wonder. No matter who they are -everyone will absolutely love POP!

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Guest Reviews


"Such an awesome experience!! Worth every penny!! I hope they continue to do this for all kinds of events and holidays!"

- Whitney T.B.


"Lots of fun! I won’t spoil it by explaining it: You just need to experience it! Laughed and laughed while we were there, and now laughing at our photos. The folks there were really friendly and funny too. Great time!"
-Mookie J.


“Everyone wants to know where we took these amazing pics”

-Jamie P.

We had a great time!!! Took about 45 minutes with very little wait! Everyone wants to know where we took these amazing pics... less $$$ than a nice photo sitting and great options to choose from at the end (Plus no grumpy kids because it is FUN). Staff was helpful and courteous!"
-Kelsey K.

"An Absolutely magical experience for all ages! We giggled & laughed until our faces hurt. Myself and Family will treasure these memories forever. Thank you for creating such a cool space to interact and make the Holidays come alive."

-Miranda D.


"This is the funniest and most beautifully done photo op exhibit in Dallas!  The sets are gorgeous and the staff is so friendly and helpful!"

-Heather C.


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